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Dr. Caroline L. Bartley, D.C., B.S., C.V.C.P.

Fax: 720.328.0089

Nutrition & Natural Medicine


Are you eating the right foods and taking the right supplements to support a healthy, active lifestyle?

A poor diet and lifestyle can lead to systemic inflammation which can lead to other diseases if left untreated. Similarly, trauma can lead to acute inflammation which causes pain and discomfort. Foods that contain sugar, trans fats, are deep fried, or processed/packaged foods can lead to inflammation of your system. This inflammation can become uncomfortable, even unbearable, and scientific research tells us that undetected, systemic inflammation can lead to heart problems, diabetes, and many more degenerative diseases. Remember when your parents told you as a kid to eat your vegetables? They had good reason for that.

A well balanced diet, complete with all the nutrition that your individual body needs, can reduce inflammation and give you the life, and body, you're looking for. Depending on variables in your life, such as trauma, accidents, allergies, can cause depletion of specific nutrients that your body needs to function at its peak.

Whether you're interested in loosing weight or just want a healthier you, we would be glad to help. And just as everything else in our practice, we offer supplemental nutrition for your four legged family members too.

Why does my pet need extra nutrition?

Most pet foods that we offer our pets are highly processed, so having a specialized supplement tailored to your pets needs fills in the missing goodness that fresh foods can provide. Joint support and immune support are important to pets as well as humans, specifically the older we all get.

Denver Chiropractor | Nutrition & Natural Medicine. Dr. Caroline L. Bartley is a Denver Chiropractor.